Deploying compute power to unlock the value of massive data

While capacity growth of the centralised cloud isn’t slowing down any time soon, the unlocking of high-speed access through fibre and 5G means many data-intensive, latency-sensitive applications are now best handled at the digital edge. Growth of edge compute is one of the most important enablers of data-intensive applications, combining with other key building blocks such as IoT, public cloud, 5G and AI.

Clarke Connect’s experience in these technologies supports our clients in enabling the best data centre architecture, optimally balancing fixed and mobile connectivity and locating compute most efficiently to unlock technical and business value.

Clarke Connect’s capabilities span all aspects of data centre design, fit out and maintenance at any scale:

  • Layout drawings
  • Racking & stacking
  • Cabling containment and installation
  • Power systems and distribution including ICP certification
  • Earthing & bonding
  • Physical security
  • Hot and cold aisle containment
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Health, Safety & Environmental management
  • Project management & Principal Contractor capabilities
  • Management of Building work
  • Plant & specialist equipment
  • Load testing & thermal management
  • Technical deep cleaning
  • Documentation management

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